Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grumpy RPG Reviews: Apocalypse World, Master of Ceremonies Book

Episode 56: Apocalypse World, Master of Ceremonies Book
  • The Aggies beating the Longhorns at the Cotton Bowl led to the end of the world,
  • Apocalypse World is a game from D. Vincent Baker, who also wrote Dogs in the Vineyard,
  • Apocalypse World is all about the players interacting,
  • The game mechanics are straight forwards because the game is about what the players do to each other and their world rather than being a grab bag of special powers,
  • Rules mandate party balance, more or less, and characters have an attribute of their history with each other,
  • Acererak doesn’t know what qualifies as sexy music,
  • Apocalypse World includes a good mechanic for sex as a social tool, which make sense given the games focus on sex,
  • However, the book doesn’t have any bookmarks or hyperlinks – a failure in a PDF of this size,
  • Given their importance to the game, the value – in terms of game mechanics of a relationships – should be clearer,
  • Apocalypse World gets a 15 on a d20 roll,
  • The group heads out to roast s’mores over the burning wreck of civilization.

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