Monday, February 21, 2011

Videos and Images: Blacks and Gaming

Though February is Black History month in America, over the last 21 days I have not seen any discussions in the gaming blogosphere of blacks in gaming as characters, the product of black writers and artists or gaming as something in which blacks might be interested. This week I will make an effort to broach. Today, the G.C. blog features black character in art and videos on black gamers and black cosplayers. On Wednesday my podcast column will discuss the issue.

Black Female Gamers

She takes an excessive time to get to the point, which is unfortunately typical for many bloggers. However, this does not detract for her essential point.


A bunch of black cosplayers.

Blacks in Art

And here is some nice, hopefully inspirational art.

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Greg Christopher said...

I'm glad you are broaching the subject. I have avoided doing so on my blog because I am from the South and even though I am progressive I have a tendency to get myself in trouble on both sides.

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